Stervin Smith & Renae Smith founders of APC Fitness

Running can take our lives through many journeys. As we begin our journey it's really from scratch, we’re not sure what the future holds, what success will come or what new endeavors we may create. It all depends on the work that we put in both mentally and physically and if we’re consistent enough it can lead to various doors opening up. This month our feature takes us down to Little Rock, Arkansas, as we discuss running, fitness, gym/business ownership and community with Stervin Smith founder of APC Fitness. But let's not stop there - along with this trailblazer is his partner-in-crime Mrs. Smith: Shaunda Renae to be exact. This power couple is changing the game in the fitness and running community while leaving a legacy.

MSM: One of our goals with each article we do is to get to know the person behind the runner. You are an avid runner having run many races in the past. Before running, what was everyday life like for yourself?

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