The connection of running through mid strike 

with Donyetta Edwards

Being a part of MSM is one of the things that has kept me connected to running. The year 2020 changed a lot for us all. My current day-to-day life only faintly resembles my pre-COVID life. I run a lot less than I did pre-COVID. Emphasis on a lot. I haven’t run an in-person race since early 2020. As much as I’m “outside”, it doesn’t involve running or running-related social events as much as it used to. Running was a big part of my life pre-COVID, even from a social perspective. So, does that mean I’m still a runner? Of course! It just means that for now, and perhaps indefinitely, it looks different and fits into my life differently than it did a few years ago. Insert MSM.

Yes, it’s an online running magazine based on representation and diversity, but it is much more. What I love about MSM is that it doesn’t just focus on running. It focuses on the lives of runners. We all know how to run, even if we don’t consider ourselves to be runners. Put one foot in front of the other and repeat. It’s simple and also not simple at the same time. MSM pushes past running and discusses life. Features and articles have covered topics ranging from traveling while

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