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It’s been a while since we’ve had a healthy chat conversation with our fellow runners. We call these healthy chats simply because we focus on how running, diet and lifestyle changes have impacted a person's health and wellness for the better.This month we chat with Joshua Carrero a Bronx NY native who has done the work to transform his body for the better.

MSM: Our eyes are always on the lookout for our fellow folks that have done some amazing things not only for themselves physically but mentally as well. For our readers let’s get a small intro into Joshua Carrero.

Josh: Hi I am Joshua Carrero, I grew up always big since I, can remember I was chubby, but I always felt like I had to prove that I was chubby but still could be an athlete and for many years it worked till it didn't.

MSM: Let's go back a bit before the 100 pounds came off which is amazing, when we get into fitness or focus more on our health there's usually a moment when we all get to a crossroad in our life. Our bodies aren't and don't react the same as we get older which leads to us having to do more self-care that we’re used to. What was that crossroad moment for you?

Josh: Well, I've lost all together 442lbs I was once 679 pounds, it’s crazy to see that number but for me the day that changed my life was April 16. I was playing with my dog, and he was going to fall so I bent down fast to grab him and when I did, I heard a pop. At first, I thought it was nothing. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case in less than 10 minutes I went from an able-bodied person to completely numb from the neck down. I spent almost a year in the hospital relearning how to eat talk as I almost died twice in the hospital so getting healthy was so far from me, but I always promised myself that if I ever came out of the hospital that I’d would do my best to change my life and the life of others as much as I can. I was told I would never walk again and would need full time help my response was I am going to walk out of here and 11 months later with the help of my mobility device I did just that! 😊

MSM: In creating a change and new path for yourself you became a vegan. I made this change a few years ago and noticed the drastic changes that were felt weeks after the change. For me the allergies stopped, the tiredness faded, more energy was felt and most of all I became more focused on what I was putting into my body daily. Take us through this change for yourself and some of the things that you felt making this change.

Josh: For me going vegan was just a heart choice, I was a professional chef before my injury so I saw the real way we get our food and after being in the hospital I just simply would not or could not add to the suffering of animals and the suffering of myself and my family. I remember the day switched cold turkey for a lack of a better word. I always knew the path to true health at least for most of the world is a vegan or plant-based way of living. I believe the future is a vegan one. It was hard I, won't lie I was one of those guys that would always say “I could never” but as you get older you start to realize that life is a journey, and we must be kind to our planet our animal friends and to ourselves. What we put into our bodies is extremely important.

MSM: What many fail to understand is that being a vegan, especially an alkaline one can help cleanse and rid the body of many toxins. What have you learned about not only yourself along this journey but also the world of being an alkaline vegan.

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