The first step with Jazelyn Montanez

So a few things before we get started with this article, if you don’t know I’ll just subtly remind you again, I am from Brooklyn NYC and there's no place on earth like it, the other is when we feature fellow runners from my home borough of Brooklyn we have to give them their flowers no matter what that being said this month we’re spotlighting one of our fellow Brooklyn runners Jazelyn Montanez, if you’re local you know her as simply Jazzy. Jazzy’s smile is infectious and welcoming but don't let it fool you as she puts in the work when it's time to tote the line for a race. 

MSM: We all start somewhere, for you what was your beginning, the question I like to ask is how did you find running or how did running find you? It seems like running has always been a part of your life.  

Jazzy: Yes, that is true I feel like running has been a big part of my life since I was a kid. track and field in elementary after a teacher watched me run and play basketball in the courtyard. I ran the Colgate Women's Games at Pratt Institute in the late 80's 1988-91. I loved it but eventually hung up my cleats getting onto MS & HS as the options to venture into other things came up. I had an uncle who was a NYC marathon runner who supported my running early on and bought my first running shoes. I loved cheering him on and dreamed that I could run the boroughs one day. Life went on and I ventured to do other things but running was something I liked to do to clear my mind. Running came back into my life in my late 20's as a familiar movement to clear my head and was the gift that helped me stop smoking. Now I have been long distance running for 10 years. Wow how time flies

MSM: Give our readers a peek into some of your run history. I see that you are a 9-time marathoner, what are some of the past races that have been your favs, being from New York I’m sure there’s a few in the city that stand out.  

Jazzy: Of course, the NYC Marathon experience is a magical memory and a fulfillment of a Bucket List Dream. Other fav marathons are Chicago and London. The vibes are amazing. For the smaller races my 1st 10K was on the West Side Highway, an all-women’s race sponsored by Macy*s and the Feed Foundation called the Run 10 Feed 10. NYRR Brooklyn half still has a special place in my heart as my 1st half the OG NYC half. I was invited 2 years ago to do Hood 2 Coast in Portland Oregon. It's a favorite for the beautiful scenery and the team efforts of the relay.

MSM: 9 marathons, is there a 6-star sprinkled into those 9 marathons or is that something you’re working towards?

Jazzy: I am working towards my six stars- actually have been working on them for a while. I'm super excited to run Boston this spring so that will make Tokyo my last one. Fingers crossed it happens in 2025: I really want my teething ring haha.

MSM: Your times are impressive, which shows that you’ve clearly been putting in the work. Now that we are going into fall marathon season what does a typical ramp up week look like going into those heavy milage weeks?

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