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Dubar Smalls Senior. If you ever met him he's one of the most straightforward people you'll ever come across. Doc is a man that has been on a mission since joining Black Men Run New York City. His circle is small but filled with those that help to keep his focus and accountability and in doing so have helped him create the type of change in his lifestyle that is really life-changing. We've shared many miles together and seeing how much he has changed for the better over the years is beyond amazing we could not be more proud of Dubar, otherwise known to us as Doc or Doc Diggy.

Keron: Who is Dubar Smalls SR?

Doc: Doc is a family man with a wife proud father of 2 boys and a gym rat. I live a healthy lifestyle and like to go out sometimes to party.

Keron: Why do you go by Doc and Doc Diggy? Or how did you get those nicknames?

Doc: The name Doc comes from one of my cousins that I used to live with. I was calling myself Murdock from the A-team because he was crazy, and some people used to call me crazy, but my cousins cut it short to Doc and it stuck with me.

Keron: How did you find running or how did running find you and why Black Men Run?

Doc My oldest son was running track and his mother was looking for a group to help him get faster, after talking with her cousins that were part of Black Girls Run she introduced us to BMR. I started taking my son to the Wednesday night and Sunday runs and the guys from BMR said I should join, and I was down ever since. 

Keron: Why was it important for you to make your children regulars at BMRNYC group runs?

Doc: Black Men Run is a group of black men doing something positive and are a great influence on my children, they are a group of big brothers and mentors. That being said I thought it would be extremely important for my sons to have that experience of being a part of a team, family, and healthy-brotherhood as said in the BMRNYC creed.

Keron: Our readers may not know this about you but at one point you dealt with some dark days. The present you is a transformation from the old you. What became a turning point for you with the transformation you've undergone? How did you ultimately quit the habit you once had?

Doc: I had some dark days of drinking. Alcohol was my friend and my enemy and at one point it would make me relaxed and cool. I was the life of the party but then it also created a side of me where I was loud disrespectful forgetful, annoying and not a nice guy you want to be around. To put it plainly - I was an alcoholic. My turning point was a series of events that started with me cheating on my wife. She kicked me out and I was living with my cousin which led to me not seeing my sons for a month. And the chance I got to see my sons I messed it up because I was still drinking. The last straw was BMR having an all-white photo shoot I was going to and I blacked out at the photo shoot. I didn't remember what happened that night but my son told me I almost died and he did not want to speak with me. At that point, I went to my cousin poured out all my liquor went to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), and never touched a drink again. I completely focused my energy on my health and my family and have not looked back since.

Keron: Do you have any advice for anyone else that may be trying to change their lifestyle for longevity?

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