The Race 2021 Recap

For the past couple of years there has been a breath of fresh air during the fall season, a sense of excitement that doesn't fall into the category of a world marathon major or large scale race. This Race has taken the black run community by storm known as simply The Race half marathon. There's not many races that are for us by us in the run community and what The Race does is simply deliver on everything regarding the black running community. If you haven't run this race the course takes you through various historic black communities in the Atlanta area along with historic black colleges. For runners this is also a very challenging course as you run through some of the very very unforgiving Atlanta hills and elevation, especially "THE HILL" on mile 12. This year Mid Strike was able to travel down to Atlanta to take part in The Race, meet some runners that were featured and most of all simply enjoy the black and brown run community.

Top Women's Finishers

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