The Running Life of Jay Knight

Jay Knight is a brother I've been following on social media for the last couple of years. As a member of Black Men Run, we all have folks that we tend to look to as an inspiration whether it be through life, running and community efforts. Jay is a brother that shows what becoming a strong runner can be if you can be consistent when it comes to training. This month we have the pleasure of chopping up with Jay as we discuss his run journey, his past marathon season and working for Black News Channel.

MSM: You had yourself a busy marathon season this past year. We finally met prior to NYCM, how’s the recovery and the rebuild process treating you?

Jknight: Recovery and rebuilding process is going well. A few years ago, I’d probably tell you that I’m just training for the next race. But I’ve come to learn that recovery is just as important as training. One thing I really enjoy about the time in between races and after a big goal race… is getting out and doing some of the other things that I enjoy like cycling, swimming, and spending time with family around the house. 

MSM: It seems like every time I see you're training for something, usually a big race. Give our readers a peek into your training, what it consists of. Those 16 weeks for you seems intense.

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