The SNeaker Snip

with Zaire Saunders

The Sneaker Snip with Zaire

It’s amazing that we’ve continued this magazine and have yet to give you sneaker reviews of the various running sneakers available out there for purchase. We’ve thought this through over the last couple of months and wanted to look for someone who essentially is a sneaker guru. So, we’ve hit up our guy Zaire and if you know Zaire you know his sneaker game is always on point when it comes to running and him not running. Needless to say, you’ll almost never see Zaire in the same pair of running kicks back-to-back days, I’d even go as far as to say in the same week. Welcome to the Sneaker Snip with Zaire where he’ll give you the inside scoop on almost every runner shoe, trust us, he has them all and if he doesn’t chances are he’ll get them soon!!!

Saucony Endorphin Pro 3

This stylish super shoe developed by Saucony might be the most universal run sneaker out on the market. The fishnet upper makes your foot breathable for those hot summer runs. It also feels reasonably protected against the rain. The lacing makes for a snug but comfortable locked down. The cushion under foot is soft and bouncy. Runners who have issues with heel pain will appreciate this. You will feel like you're running on clouds.

 The Saucony Pro 3 is very pace friendly. You won't have issues turning up or slowing down the effort. I would use this shoe for most races from 5k to marathon.

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