Traci Scott “Give Running a Chance”

As this Magazine continues to grow exponentially each month, we start to meet new runners. Runners that are all striving to obtain goals that are specific to their journey’s. One of those runners that we’ve met over the past few months comes from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and goes by the name of Traci. Let’s chat it up with her and discuss her run journey, the run community in the DMV area and most of all her why when it comes to running.

MSM: For most of us we’ve picked up running as we get older due to a tipping point in our lives that causes us to create a lifestyle change. What was your reason? Why was running the choice and along with your why how did you know? 

Traci: I started my running journey at a very dark time/place in my life. In 2013, I lost someone who I loved with all my heart and soul, and it completely shattered my world. So, in an effort to get out and move to help deal with the grief, I started running. The most running I did at this point was on the treadmill to warm up for a gym workout and that was it. Never really ran outside like that and certainly not long distances! My first mile running outside was awful! I hated it but wouldn’t let myself give up. So, I kept at it, steadily increasing my mileage...not focusing on pace just simply making it through, no matter how long it took. After running a 5k and 10k, a friend suggested signing up for the Richmond Half Marathon (my hometown). I couldn’t wrap my head around running 13.1 miles! However, I love a good challenge. So, I trained hard and did my thing. That feeling of accomplishment was like no other! Seven years later I’m still hooked on that feeling. Running really saved me in so many ways and I’m so thankful for this community.

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