Vivid Belle Wellness

Vivid Belle Wellness is a healing hub black owned & operated in the Philadelphia area. The emotional wellness & active lifestyle brand was founded by licensed therapist & running coach Naseemah Palmer in 2020 right before the Covid shit show. The brand aims to inspire individuals to embrace their emotions through running & movement along side of traditional talk therapy.

The ethos & tagline “Wear Your Feelings” is the Vivid Belle way of promoting emotional expression and mental health awareness through bold vibrant colors which convey various emotions. Our collection of leggings are themed after real feelings from the human experience such as “Overwhelmed”, “WTF”, “Grounded”, etc… It’s our way to encourage open conversations about feelings and healing, fostering a community that values both physical and mental health.

You can visit the website find me virtually on IG & FB at Vividbelle_ @_naseemahp as well as in person in Philadelphia PA at 1543 Dickinson Street 19146

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