Yan C – Owner/Founder  Miramar Run club

When we think about Miami we think about the nightlife, the parties, the beaches and most of all the food and some alcohol. Here’s the thing about Miami that is often overlooked; Miami isn’t only about the party life, it’s also about the everyday individuals that live in the area, specifically those dedicated to fitness. Those are the people you don't see at the bars or clubs but rather in their neighborhoods defeating the narrative and embracing a healthy lifestyle. One of those people is Yvan C., runner, and founder of Miramar Run Club in Miami. Yvan has been doing some amazing things over the years and this month we’re going to tap into his journey.

MSM: The goal is simple; you strive to bring focus on health to your community through all aspects of fitness and life which we’ll get to later. Let's talk about when and how you started your fitness journey?

Yvan: The journey started in 2018, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been. One of my best friends, who happens to be a personal trainer, looked at me and said, “It’s time.” I knew exactly what he meant, and we got straight to work. I was probably in the gym every day that year.

MSM: We all have our specific reasons when it comes to starting our fitness journey which leads to all of us taking that next step, give our readers a peek into your “why” and what got you started in this journey we call running.

Yvan: My running journey began with a suggestion from my younger brother. While I initially shed a significant amount of weight, I eventually hit a plateau, as is common in any journey. Recognizing this, my brother encouraged me to incorporate running into my routine to break through the plateau. What started with just one mile soon turned into two, then five, and eventually, I found myself conquering the ten-mile mark. It was then that I experienced the euphoria of the runner's high.

MSM: Most of us “everyday runners” don’t have much experience when it comes to running in our past. Did you have any past experiences when it came to running or was it all a learn-as-you-go experience like most of us when we start running? What were some of the learning experiences that have helped you along the way?

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